Home Warranty: Is it Worth It?

Published On: July 16, 2021Categories: Home Warranty

You may have heard about home warranty, but do you know what this plan entails? There are benefits and advantages to having a home warranty for your Texas property. As you understand how one works and what it protects, you can decide whether it makes sense for you.

Owning a home requires responsibility and diligence. The costs can be high to maintain appliances and systems and to keep them in good working order. If your budget isn’t allowing you to afford repairs and replacements, you could be in a difficult position. You may even have to put off fixing the item and even do without it.

A home warranty may not be the right choice for everyone, but in many cases, it can save you money and stress. If you own a home, consider purchasing this protection today.

Home Warranty

Covering the Conveniences You Rely On

It’s probably hard to imagine living without modern conveniences, such as appliances and home systems. You likely use these every day for comforts and necessities. Of course, these items are bound to eventually break down and stop working properly. You can avoid paying steep repair bills by getting a home warranty.

A warranty is different from homeowners insurance. Instead of covering items damaged or destroyed in a fire or other disasters, the plan takes care of things that stop working suddenly and unexpectedly. It also takes care of appliances and systems that suffer wear and tear and are no longer working efficiently or effectively. It is an agreement that you have with a service company. You pay an annual or monthly fee, and the servicer will diagnose problems and fix them when a need arises.

A warranty costs between $300 and $700. It lasts a year, but you can renew it at any time. The plan does have some limitations, as it has a cap on how it will cover per incident. Plus, it is not valid if the appliance or system breaks due to our misuse or lack of maintenance.

A Big Money Saver

Anyone who has ever had to pay for appliance repairs knows that the costs can be high. In some cases, you could owe a significant amount of money to get the item up and running correctly. If you need to replace it, the costs can be crippling or even impossible for you to cover.

It’s important to understand how much appliance repairs and replacements cost. For minor problems and basic parts replacements, you might only be out $100 or less. But when the issues are more extensive, you may have to hand over hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The total amounts will vary depending on the item, the quality of the model, and the complexity of the problem.

When you get into repairing the electrical system, HVAC system, or the plumbing in your home, you might be looking at a couple of thousand dollars. Things get even more challenging when a new installation is required. Putting in a new heating and air conditioning system can cost as much as $10,000 if you have a lot of square footage in your house.

Compare this with a $50-a-month home warranty. With this plan, you would also pay the service call fee, which typically runs around $100. So, with a warranty, instead of paying $2,500 to replace a broken refrigerator, your costs would be minimal. If you are on a tight budget, buying a warranty is a no-brainer.

Leave the Work to the Pros

Fixing household problems correctly requires a lot of time and skill. If you don’t have both of these, getting your appliances and systems back in working order could be a burden. You can relieve stress and free up your time by purchasing a home warranty. Instead of tackling a repair job of a dishwasher or range, you can turn the job over to a professional.

The warranty company will send over a technician who has experience in fixing all household appliances and systems. You can sit back while the technician takes care of your needs. You can also have confidence that the servicer will do quality work.

Peace of Mind

If nothing else, having a home warranty can put your mind at ease. You know that appliances and systems will experience troubles at some point; you just don’t know when. If you have money concerns, thinking about how you would pay for repairs could keep you up at night. Affordable home warranty payments can reduce your stress and anxiety.

Unless you have a brand-new home with new appliances, it makes a lot of sense to get a home warranty. Your out-of-pocket costs will be minimal. You can also be sure that your appliances will have many more years to their life span and that they will work effectively for you. If you are ready to purchase a home warranty, start investigating your options today.