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We, at Cash Home Buyers Dallas, aim to give our customers a variety of options when it comes to offering to buy their houses. That is what we do. We are Home Buyers in Dallas Fort Worth so we know the business very well! We’ve come a long way, so we know there are more ways than one to get the job done and bring deals to close that, both , our clients and our company are happy with. We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support. We are quickly becoming a major player on the list of Dallas Home Buyers that buys both houses in the Dallas and Fort Worth Areas.

We are Home Buyers in Dallas/Fort Worth

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My name is Mark Driver and, I am the bones behind the the business. I am a Father of two beautiful boys (Mylan - 6 and Mason -2 ) and happily married to my wife Julie. They are why I get up in the morning! I believe in teaching my children to work hard, with integrity, and make GOD and other peoples needs a priority in their lives. 

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We get calls everyday from people in all types of situations. Some good.....some bad.....but rest assured that we are confident that we can pay the most cash for houses in Dallas Fort Worth. We have a list of private investors so long that we have never had a problem bringing cash to the closing table. 

Please Contact Us Today at 214-854-5638 BECAUSE we are standing by to make you your best offer.